Job and Career Solution Beginner's Support is a unique program powered by Zomma Somma International Limited in collaboration with some top companies and Industries to help improve the financial status and standard of living of the citizens of our beloved country Nigeria.
If there is anything Nigerian's need right now It is a combination of financial empowerment and trade/skill empowerment. In the ages past, this has been the success secret behind the highly developed nations. We have men and women with powerful business ideas, and potentials but are unable to go far because they lack the basic things that drive most ideas and vision - money and training. Job And Career Solution has provided the answer to these.
Beginner's support is indeed the solution to this financial and training problems challenging many men and women on their road to greatness. With Beginner's Support, there won't be any need to push blames of poverty to that Uncle, Aunty, Brother, Sister or friend because poverty will be a complete history .


Very simple! To become a beneficiary, register with the sum of #3000. Your name goes into the beneficiaries register. You will be paid N12, 000 as the support money from partners roll in. You stand the benefit of earning N12,000.00 on a continuous basis.. Cool cash just flowing into your bank account.
With Beginner's Support, there won't be any reason for anyone to remain poor again. The train of financial empowerment is already moving. It's sweeter when you are a participant than just been a spectator. Get registered today!
In addition you will receive free skill trainings in selected areas. We train through physical interaction, videos, audio, webinars, books, etc. The N3000 for the form is paid only once but the N12,000 earning is continuous. It is on first come first serve basis. We have training Centers in almost all the states of Nigeria.
You can also register online through our website
It is not networking. You don't need down lines . Just put your name in the beneficiaries register and you are good to go.


STEP 1) Pay N3000.00 ( Three thousand Naira only ) into any of our bank accounts :
Access Bank
Account Name : Zomma Somma International Limited  
Account Number : 0713197846  
Diamond Bank
Account Name : Zomma Somma International Limited  
Account Number : 0081992989  
Zenith Bank
Account Name : Zomma Somma International Limited  
Account Number : 1014805043  
STEP 2) Notify us of your payment.
Call or send a text to 08094544223, 0909 057 9260
You will receive through your phone or e mail the passcode(s) for your registration.  

STEP 3) Go back to our website: . Click Beginner Cash Support, click register, enter your pass code and do your registration.
2. MULTIPLE REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED! Each person is only allowed one entry. Registration name MUST match bank account name.
If you need help, please call: 08094544223, 0909 057 9260
Job and Career Solution... Is the way to go.

It's my Solution
It's your Solution
It's our Solution
God bless Nigeria!